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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the January edition of Scentsy's Wickless Princess Paper! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. While they have come and gone, January promises a fun and exciting month for Scentsy lovers! Read on for more exciting deals and offers this month.

Double Hostess Rewards in January!

What's better than hosting a Scentsy party? Hosting a Scentsy party with double hostess rewards of course!! Here's how it works:

Book and host a party in the month of January. Get a total of at least $200 in sales at your party. Scentsy will double your 50% off items. Example: Instead of one item at 50% off, you will receive two items at 50% off with a $200 order. You can earn up to 8 items at 50% off! This is HUGE!!

Ready to book that party? Contact me or schedule online today!

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Wickless Princess Deals Only

Wickless Princess Catalog Tag!

This is the first ever game of catalog tag. Because this is pretty much in beta mode, you book your catalog tag party in January and you'll receive a warmer at the price of the date in January you choose to start your party!

For instance, Polly books her party on January 2, 2016. She plays tag, accumulates at least $200 in orders and receives a plug in warmer of her choice for $2.00!!

How to Play:

  1. Contact me with your date! This date is subject to availability, so you might want to pick three just in case the first choices are taken.
  2. I will send or drop off 5 packets including a catalog, some order forms, and other goodies.
  3. You will disburse the packets to five of your friends. These friends will collect order from their friends, families, and coworkers for you.
  4. On the due date, you submit your orders and reap the hostess rewards!

This is a great way to get orders for your party without actually having to host an in home or basket party!

$5 Scentsy Bucks when you spend $50 or More

Earn $5.00 Scentsy credit for every $50 you spend in the month January! Credits can be used toward any future purchase. Simple enough, right? Right!

About Wickless Princess

The Wickless Princess is unlike any Scentsy consultant you've ever met! With 11 years of customer service experience and 27 years of creativity mixed with sunshine, this girl has turned Scentsy shopping into an unforgettable experience. Shop with her now to see what the hype is all about! ♥