Broken Arrow News

September 18, 2020

Giving Each Other Grace

Broken Arrow Families,

Remote learning is anything but easy for students, parents, or teachers as it requires a lot of new learning.

I would like to thank everyone who has given our teachers and staff grace during this challenging time. Please know we will do everything we can to help you problem solve your challenges with remote learning. It is just requested that you communicate directly with our office if your child is absent or having issues with technology.

It is realized that many of you are working a job, taking care of younger children, and attempting to assist your child at the same time.

It would be an understatement to say this is overwhelming.

I just ask that we give each other grace during these times of new learning.

If you are getting your child online and connected with their class that is doing A LOT.
It is realized that you may not always be able to sit right with them at all times.

We will get through this, but it will only go more smoothly when we are working together.

As always, reach out to me if I can help you problem solve technology challenges or other challenges that you may be facing as a family.


Mr. Horne

Parent Action is Needed!

Shawnee Mission School District recently requested that all parents acknowledge three assurances regarding remote learning. The request comes because the Kansas State Department of Education recently changed its requirements for how we verify student learning and attendance. Once you acknowledge the three assurances, we will no longer need to require that students complete and parents sign a daily learning activity log, which would have gone into effect once we entered hybrid learning mode. Your help and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Please log on to Family Access to complete the form.


El Distrito Escolar de Shawnee Mission solicitó recientemente que todos los padres reconozcan tres garantías con respecto al aprendizaje remoto. La solicitud se debe a que el Departamento de Educación del Estado de Kansas cambió recientemente sus requisitos sobre cómo verificamos el aprendizaje y la asistencia de los estudiantes. Una vez que reconozca las tres garantías, ya no necesitaremos que los estudiantes completen y los padres firmen un registro diario de actividades de aprendizaje, que habría entrado en vigencia una vez que ingresáramos al modo de aprendizaje híbrido. Se agradece mucho su ayuda y cooperación. Por favor inicie sesión en Family Access para completar el formulario.

Having Issues with the iPad?

Please make sure your child is only using the set iPad Passcode to open the iPad.


If your child continues to enter a different password he/she will be locked out of the iPad and it will require it to be brought to the school to be wiped clean and reset.

Here are a few things to try before submitting a Help Ticket or contacting the school:

  • Go to SETTINGS > Go to PRIVACY > Make sure Location Services is turned ON
  • Got to SETTINGS > Go to GENERAL > Go to DATE & TIME > Make sure SET AUTOMATICALLY is turned on (Show Green) > Make sure that TIME ZONE is set to CHICAGO
  • Go to the UTILITIES FOLDER > Make sure Relay Smart Ag app is NOT "grayed out" >If it is..HOLD DOWN ON IT and CLICK THE CANCEL OPTION

Still having issues?...Please do not hesitate to reach out for help. We will work through these beginning bumps in the road to remote learning together.

SMSD Timeline Moving Toward All In-Person Learning

Sept 9-13: Parents make selection for 2020-2021 school year (optional)

Sept 14-18: Remote all students Pre-K-6

Sept 21-25: Remote all students Pre-K-6

Sept 28-Oct 2: Remote all students Pre-K-6

​​​​​​​(New Schedules begin)

Oct. 5-9 Hybrid for in-person students Pre-K-2

Oct. 12-16 Hybrid for in-person students Pre-K-6

Oct 19-23 Transition to all in-person begins *More information will come regarding what this "phase in" will look like.

New Broken Arrow Building Safety Procedures - Coming September 25

Our Broken Arrow Building Leadership Team will be making some final adjustments (minus any that need to be made due to county/state guideline changes) to our Broken Arrow Building Procedures and I plan to share this information with you on Friday, September 25. This information will also include videos that display some of the changes students will encounter when they arrive back at school during hybrid (If your student is an In-Person Learner). It is our hope that this better helps our students and families understand how safety is being made the #1 priority at our school.

Please Complete This Permission Slip for One-on-One Instructional Support

Please click here to access the Google Form permission slip for your child(ren) to participate in one-on-one instructional support via WebEx provided by BA Staff.

You only complete one form for your family (if you have numerous children they are included in the one form).

Do you need to drop off medication for your child attending in-person when we begin Hybrid?

*This information is only for families who have chosen in person and who’s children will be in the building once hybrid begins

If you have a child who needs medication administered during the school day, we will be offering 2 designated medication drop off times:

Thursday October 1st from 9am – 12pm

Friday October 2nd from 12pm-3pm

Please pull into the front circle drive and call the nurse at 913-993-2302. She will come outside to get the medication from you. Please be sure all medication is in its original container with a prescription label or a prescription note from the doctor.

If you are unable to make it to the times listed above, please call the front office to set up a different time 913-993-2300.

Upcoming Events

September 21-October 2 Remote Learning Continues

September 29 First BA PTA Meeting of the Year (via Zoom) 6:30-7:30 pm

October 5-9 Hybrid Learning begins for in-person learners in Grades PreK-2

October 12-16 Hybrid Learning begins for in-person learners in Grades PreK-6

Oct 19-23 Transition/Phase In to all in-person begins (More info on phase in to come in October)

November 6 No School - Teacher Work Time

November 12 Parent-Teacher Conferences 4 pm

November 13 No School - Parent-Teacher Conferences 8:00 am

See the SMSD District 2020-2021 Calendar Here