By Gabriella Ellis Hour 3

Causes of Gallstones

Doctors aren't for sure how gallstones occur but they think it happens when there is a buildup of cholesterol in your bile, or you could have a build up of bilirubin which helps break down red blood cells, they also think gallstones can occur because the gallbladder didn't empty completely or correctly.

Body System and Description

Gallstones are located in the gallbladder, which is located directly underneath the liver. The gallbladder is an organ, apart of the digestive system, that is similar to the shape of a pear and is connected to liver and intestines by little tubes or ducts that pass bile from one organ to the next. The job of the gallbladder takes place during digestion. The liver produces the bile in which the gallbladder then stores that bile until it is time to undergo digestion. After you eat and begin the digestive process the gallbladder then releases that bile into the duct to the intestines. Gallstones are hardened fluid that then tries to leave the gallbladder during digestion which then can get stuck in the ducts, depending on the size of the gallstone, causing inflation to that organ. This would result in pain in the upper abdomen area, off to the right side of the abdomen, and occasionally in between the shoulder blades. This pain can last any where from 15 minutes to several hours. That pain can also come back another week, month, or year later.Most people may not experience any symptoms at all depending on the size of the gallstone.


Treatments for gallstones depend on the symptoms. If you didn't have any symptoms at all treatment isn't needed. If you did however have symptoms and are still having those symptoms the most common treatment would be removal of the gallbladder. Since the gallbladder is apart of the digestive system the bile would flow from the liver directly to the small intestines so the gallbladder isn't necessary. On the other hand if your doctor prescribes you medication to treat your gallstones, this only cause the gallstones to resolve which will take longer and may not work.


The best way to prevent gallstones from forming would be to maintain a healthy weight and exercise. And if you are trying to lose weight go slow because gallstones are more likely to form from rapid weigh loss. Another way to prevent gallstones would be stick to the same mealtime each day and don't skip a meal to help decrease the risk of gallstones.