A Christmas Carol Wrap-up

By: Mara Miller

Why someone should go and see the play A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickins is a great play that I think you should go and see because it is a fun, energetic, and exciting play where grumpy old man Scrooge has to go through the past, present, and future of his Christmases. The first reason to go and see the play is because it is really exciting! For example, when all of the different ghosts would come out unto the stage, it would be really cool to notice how they enter onto the set! The second reason for going to see the play is because it is cool to see all of the ghosts and spirits. The make-up, hair, and costume crew do a magnificent job! For example, when Marley the ghost comes unto the stage, he is in a really cool costume, and his make-up makes his look really old and almost dead like. I think that was super cool! The third reason you should go and see the play is because it is really funny and entertaining to watch! The actors all have funny and witty lines that just make you laugh! For example, at the end of the play when Scrooge is all happy and cheerful, he is dancing around and yelling out funny things, and that is really entertaining to watch. I really like watching the actors portray their characters on stage. In conclusion, A Christmas Carol is a great play to go and see. It has tons of cool things to see as well as experience. I highly recommend it!

Sacrifice in A Christmas Carol and in my life

Scrooge made a sacrifice in A Christmas Carol when he gave away his money to people. This was a sacrifice because he sacrificed his mean and selfish ways and changed himself into someone who is generous and caring to others. I have sacrificed in my life when I had to choose either to go to a church retreat or a musical at the Orpheum Theatre. This was a sacrifice for me because I wanted to do both things really badly.