Trick or Treat ;)

Welcome to Team Nebraska!!

The Behavior Matters Nebraska team is welcoming many new staff members to our team!

We have 5 new RBT's -in- training, the lovely Jennifer Bobo as our new office assistant, and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new BCBA Kelley Phelps.

Staff Meetings

Staff Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Generally an hour long, 6:00PM - 7:00 PM.

This month's meeting will be on OCTOBER 20th 6:00PM - 7:00 PM


Just some Tidbits...

Professionalism! -- Be professional with the parents, make sure you're aware of 'How' you are talking to them.

People who work together have an impact on each other's performance, productivity, and personal satisfaction in their jobs. In addition, how our employees act toward clients and vendors will influence whether those relationships are successful for our Company.

Because your conduct affects many more people than just yourself, we expect you to act in a professional manner whenever you are on Company property, conducting Company business, or representing the Company at business or social functions.

Although it is impossible to give an exhaustive list of everything that professional conduct means, it does, at a minimum, include the following:

· following all of the rules in this Handbook that apply to you;

· refraining from rude, offensive, or outrageous behavior;

· refraining from ridicule and hostile jokes;

· treating coworkers, customers, and vendors with patience, respect, and consideration;

· being courteous and helpful to others; and

· communicating openly with supervisors, managers, and coworkers.

Individuals who act unprofessionally will face discipline, up to and including termination.

The success of this Company depends in great part on the loyalty and good will of our customers. As a result, we expect our employees to behave in the following manner when interacting with clients:

· to treat all clients with courtesy and respect;

· to always be helpful and cheerful toward clients;

· to refrain from cell phone use while with clients in either school, home or the community;

· to ask questions of your immediate supervisor if you need help; and

· to have fun with your job!

If the Client is on break, It does not automatically mean that the Staff member is on break. The Staff Member is to still interact with the Client.

Graphs! -- Are they current? Please check your graphs and make sure that the are up to date.

Why should Parents get Training?

Parents are integral to the success of each child. Behavior Matters strives to include parents in all aspects of therapy from goal and objective development to treatment strategies and behavior management skills. Consistency of programming across settings is our ultimate aim. The Behavior Matters Supervisor is available to train parents in the areas of behavior management and the application of discrete trial training in the hopes that parents will also become part of the child’s therapy team. We will use the regular team meetings as a time to share information, raise questions and concerns, and plan intervention strategies. You can expect your child to show progress in the areas of his/her goals over time and we will monitor the progress with regular data collection. Our aim is to help your child to realize his or her full potential, and find ways to interact with, participate in school/social opportunities and thrive in the world.

Services Offered By Behavior Matters

    1. 1:1 direct implementation of intensive behavioral intervention (IBI): Implement program goals in the learner’s natural environments. Teaching formats may consist of natural environment training (NET), discrete trial training (DTT), community based training, or a combination of various formats.

    1. Data review and summary: Summarize data and develop graphic display for parents, other therapists and insurance companies.

    1. Assist with functional analysis/functional behavior assessment: Assist with the collection of data and/or assuming the therapist role for a functional behavior assessment or functional analysis. The role of a therapist in a functional analysis would require the individual to conduct the role in the attention, demand, or tangible conditions of a functional analysis for severe problem behavior.

    1. Parent training: Train parents in the implementation of a behavior support plan (BSP) linked to a functional behavior assessment/analysis. The BSP would be developed by a BCBA.

    1. Skills assessment: Conduct a skills assessment using the VB-MAPP (Verbal Behavior Milestones and Placement Program) in combination with other relevant assessment instruments.

    1. Program development: Develop program goals for individual clients and families based on an assessment of language and learning skills (e.g. VB-MAPP, ABLLS).

    1. Program Data Sheets: Employees are required to print their own data sheets, program sheets and some materials to be added to treatment binders and program.

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