Industrial Revolution

By:Savannah Ramey

What exactly was the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was a time of great inventions and success. Bringing new power and efficiency to the world. Childhoods lost, low pay, unsafe and unfair working conditions. This was the Industrial Revolution.

Where Did It All Begin?

It all began in Great Britain. Never before, country's using new machinery to make life easier.

How Did It Affect The Lives?

The Industrial Revolution made life harder yet more efficient. Using machines instead of man/animal power.


One of the greatest inventions in the Industrial Revolution was the steam engine. The steam engine was invented by James Watt in 1765. He was with a partner at the time but improved the simple engines of before by creating an engine powered by steam.
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How Were The Conditions?

The working conditions in the factories were dangerous and unclean. There were diseases everywhere, your weren't safe in your place of work, working 14 hours a day. It was terrible. Your life was lost to a place of work.
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How Was Child Labor At The Time?

Putting young children to work at ages as young as 4, working the same amount as adults. They had no sleep, no breaks, and no education. No child was at school at the time. Children dying at a young age. All childhoods were
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