News From 5D

March Newsletter

Fifth Graders Spending Time in First Grade

There are so many wonderful things about being a 5th grader. One of those things is being school leaders and role models for the younger students. For the last two years, Mrs. Schaffer and I have developed not only a great friendship but a powerful teaching partnership. This enables both our students to be celebrated and taught by the other. During our Artist Research Project, we invited our 1st grade buddies to our art museum and taught them about our paintings and artists. 5D was recently invited to celebrate 100 Days with 1S. Last week, our 1st grade buddies designed for us homemade invitations to their Writing Celebration. We enjoyed listening to their stories; our buddies were so excited and appreciative to have Tatem's "big kids" take an interest in not only their writing but them.

Looking Ahead

Week of 3/10/14

Announcement: I wanted to let you know that every newsletter I make will always be set to private. This means that it won't show up publicly on Smore and it won't be searchable on Google.

Math: adding and subtracting mixed numbers, dividing fractions, and multiplying fractions

Social Studies: presenting our Explorer Postcards and finishing Chapter 4; test will most likely be on Friday, 3/14

Language Arts: Instead of doing the reading response questions, your children will be doing literature circles as we continue to learn about the Holocaust and Number the Stars. Spelling will continue as normal, but we will not have Journeys quizzes with this unit.

Things To Note: Hop on Pop Day is tomorrow afternoon, 3/7/14