The Mystery Killer

Talesha Payne Period 5

Jack The Ripper

April 3,1888 in Whitecapel; the east end of London, began the first murder by the mysterious killer also known as Jack The Ripper. Many prostitutes between 30-40 years of age were stabbed repeatedly and gutted for their organs along with slit throats and slashed up faces. Still til this day no one knows why this mysterious killer did what he did.


The mysterious murders of these prostitutes lead the people to believe that all the killings couldn't have been made by just one man. Each lifeless corpse having marks bringing out its own characteristics matched up to one person, but then things changed which made others believe another murder was involved.


Jack The Ripper had written a letter to the police department, which had everyone on their toes. Then later many other journalist started twisting around words and creating their own letters, making it seem as though their were more members of this murder mystery. Which caused many to start pointing fingers at each other, and caused more confusion.


I think there could have been just one man killing these women at first but maybe it could have been a woman, who was fed up with her husband sleeping with these other women. It could have been a group of men who gathered together to fulfill their sexual and mentally disturbed minds wishes.


In my opinion i feel as though this case of murders had a lot to do with feminist criticism. Jack The Ripper must have thought he was better than these women and that they were not up to standard because of the lowness of them being prostitutes. Jack The Ripper had a leather coat which in my opinion means the ripper had money which made them above the prostitutes.


The media placed the murder on Jews because during that time period they needed someone to blame, and the jews were already disliked.
To Kill and Kill Again: Jack the Ripper (2001)