The Weeping Willow

by: Tyler Mann


A flowering plant with two embryonic seed leaves or cotyledons that usually appear at germination. The weeping willow is a dicot.

Hardiness Zone

The hardiness zones show the climates where plants grow the best. The weeping willow's hardiness zones are 6-8.

Light Requirement

The light requirement of plants tells how much sun they should receive to grow to their full potential.

Life Cycle

A weeping willow is a perennial plant. This means that it lives for more than two years.

Plant Name

The common name is the weeping willow. The genus and specie is Salix babylonica.

Moisture Requirements

The weeping willow requires a lot of water when it is first starting to grow.


Weeping willow trees need more nitrogen in the fertilizer than any other ingredient. such as (18-6-8).


Scales, bores, and aphids are the common insects that affect weeping willow trees.

Why this is My Favorite Plant

Weeping willow trees are my favorite plant because they are very unique and interesting plants.