Help Wanted

Going the crew now and you be rich!

Where are we going?

We need the extra crew because we are going exploring. We are going from Europe to the New World. We are going to sailed west to the new world. If we complete what we wanted everyone will get a share and become rich.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for good and interested goods. One of our major things that we are looking for is gold or silver. We may also take over some cities or places on the way and gather more people to help us.

What is our journey going to be?

Our journey could get easy and complicated on the way. People may get sick but we have enough food to survive our trip. We are sailing like for 1 week or least. We are going to struggle but when we finish this whole thing we are going to be rich.

It your destine!

So now just going our crew. You become rich. Now it your choice to join or not. It your destine to join. To join go to the street below

190 Grove Street