Manuel Noreiga of Panama

Michael Kernan


Manuel Noreiga promoted himself to military dictator of Panama in 1983. His charges started mounting after being connected to the murder of Hugo Spadafora, one of his vocal opponents. Throughout his reign he was tried on 8 counts of drug trafficking, money laundering, and political murder. In 1989, Noreiga attempted to rule the nation by puppet government. The United States invaded Panama after a failed military coup put against Noreiga. The US captured Noreiga, removing him from power.
manuel noreiga dictator

About the Video

The video is also a brief profile of Noreiga, except its more in depth about his personal life, his rise to power, and the scene of his capturing. It starts off by listing his date/place of birth, his military school, and pictures of his wife/daughters. He rose through the ranks and then took over when General Torrijos died in a plane crash. President Bush of the US ordered 20,000 soldiers to invade Panama as Noreiga's rule posed a threat to the US, and they captured him.


Manuel Noreiga, dictator of Panama

Began his reign by killing Spadafora

Committed crimes such as political murder

Posed him as a threat outside the border.

He decided to take over the government

Rule the nation in the style of a puppet.

Hearing about his crimes will make you frown

Until you hear good 'ol USA came in and shut him down

Essential Question

How did Noreiga's reign affect his citizens differently as opposed to Trujillo's reign?