A Peek at the Week

February 10, 2019

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Reading All-Stars Reading Log

Brenda sent out information about the Reading All-Stars program last week. Read to the Big Game begins tomorrow. Students must read 5 reading-level appropriate books. Students in grades K-5 can participate. Students have until March 15th to complete their logs and turn them into Brenda. I would like for us to have a very high percentage of our students to participate in this event. When logs are completed, students will be able to attend the Greenville Drive game on May 5th. Please help me get this information out to parents, encourage your students to participate, and remind students to record their reading on their logs. This is another way we can keep student's eyes on text which is ultimately the best way to improve reading skills.
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As we move forward with our first Promise Standard, I have met with a couple of our grades for next steps. First grade is beginning this week with their reteaching/enriching with second grade beginning soon. Please remember that I need to meet with your teams after you give your first common formative assessment.

More information about the power of PLC's:

*Assessments are not common formative assessments until the team looks at them together.

*Differentiating instruction based on scores on CFA's is paramount to ensuring student learning.

*Analyzing scores on CFA's to determine which teacher(s) had the highest percentage of mastery yields good information. What teaching strategies were used? What did you do different that may have made the difference? Team meetings allow time for discussion about teaching strategies, analyzing errors to determine what needs to be retaught, and discussion on enrichment for students who mastered the standard.

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Happy Valentine's Week!

I know this week will be a crazy, wild week. Hang on, and keep showing up. :-) A long weekend is right around the corner.

I am so very grateful for all that you do for our school, each other, and your students. You keep loving BIG even when you are exhausted. Have a Happy Valentine's week!

Word of the Week: Ponder

Do you need a classroom volunteer?

Joan Copeland would love to help you in any way needed. She is an amazing volunteer and wants to be at our school more. I have her number if you would like to contact her. Just let me know.

Open House

Our Open House date is February 25th. Mr. Binnicker could not attend any other date, so he worked it out so that teachers who had class that night could miss in order to attend Open House. We really want to have a big turn-out for this event!

Use this time to communicate to your parents what is needed for your class to move forward in preparation for state testing and/or the following grade. We have to maximize the time we have our parents in front of us, so be thinking of how you will let them know how they can help. Display student work and target parents who you may need to have conversations with in order to help their child. Be relentless in pulling everyone in to help move your kids forward.

Student Behavior

Many students are showing behaviors such as disrespect, not listening, lack of focus, chattiness, and uncaring attitudes. Although this is a tough time of the year, it may be a good time for us all to revisit rules and procedures. Remember that contacting families is the number one way to help with student issues. If you need to contact a parent and are having difficulty getting in touch with someone, let us know. We will get you in touch with someone.

The Students Who Inspire Us

I have heard from so many of you how reading your letter to your chosen student touched your heart in ways you didn't expect. If you have not written your letter and shared it with your student, please do so. It is a very special experience for not only the student, but you as well!

Upcoming Dates:

February 11th: Read to the Big Game begins

February 12th: Dale Gilbert to visit

February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day! Whitefield is bringing Chic-Fil-A biscuits for us. Be sure to let Pastor Bob know how much we appreciate his kindness!

February 15th: Classified letters of Intent due

February 18th: Comp day :-)

February 19th: Reading PD for 1st AM and 2nd PM

February 20th: Writing Committee meeting at 3:15

February 21st: Spring Pics, TDA workshop at Spearman for teachers in grades 3-5 at 3:15, 3rd grade reading PD AM, and 4th grade reading PD PM

February 22nd: Spring pics

February 25th: Dr. Seuss Week: Pajama Day

February 26th: 4th grade NAEP testing, Funky Sock Day

February 27th: What do you want to be when you grow up?

February 28th: Open House, Green Day

March 1st: Hat Day, House Meetings PM

Remember: This is a Happy week! Jeans all week. ;-)