Mod 7 Lesson 1 Mastery Assignment

By Jennie Madden

Short Story

The banging on the mahogany door was booming in Joe's ears while he was in the kitchen making blueberry pancakes. When he went to go open the door the smell of blueberries escaped the petite apartment he resides in. There in front of him stood two police officers. They said they had a warrant for his arrest for his involvement in illegal drug selling. They told him his four rights, handcuffed him, and put him in a police car. Joe was almost to the point of tears as he never thought his life would end up like this. He feared prison as he watched Orange is the New Black on Netflix and he did not want to end up like them woman on that show. When they got to the police station he was fingerprinted and photographed and booked with a $50,000 bail. They said that with how many drugs he sold that it was indeed a felony and be lucky if he got at least 10 years in prison.

A few hours later he talked to his public defender (lawyer) who said he will be going up against a grand jury because an indictment was sought. The lawyer told him that when he goes to court for an arraignment to plea guilty as it would show that he is not going to deny what he has done and is cooperating. He also said that Joe could do a plea bargain for a lesser sentence. When they went to trial there was a petit jury and during the opening the prosecutors and defendant attorneys made their care. Joe called a witness to the stand and the witness talked about how well loved Joe is and that even though he did something bad he was still a good person. The prosecutors called Joe's neighbor to the stand who always said Joe's apartment smelled of drugs and that people would go into his house late at night and that many of the people looked like college students. Then Joe's friend George was subpoenaed to go to court and tell everyone what he saw at Joe's house the night before he was arrested. George did not want to risk perjury so he did not lie under oath for his friends protection. It hurt Joe to know his friend wouldn't lie for him, but he understood the punishments if he had lied and gotten caught. The judge listened to the case and gathered up all information and told the jury the laws that were broken in the case and the jury went into a room to decide the verdict. Joe waited thinking that this was a fair trial so there would be no need to appeal. When the jury came back they found Joe convicted for illegal drug selling.