Are You Still Being Shot At?

PTSD is no joke its pretty real BY Isidoro Gatica


Almost 31 percent of Vietnam veteran

As many as 10 percent of Gulf War (Desert Storm) veterans

11 percent of veterans of the war in Afghanistan

20 percent of Iraqi war veterans. Through every war every deployment more and most soldiers end up suffering from PTSD the effects are not to good and lead to accidents(R.I.P Chris Kyle) how do normal americans view what does the military view it as.


Is caused by being traumitized due to viewing or experiencing something truamatic event viewing people die being close or near death, gunshots . All of these in terms have a kind of trigger that can make a man and or women lose it.

What effect does ptsd have on military personal

Military personal have to struggle with having flashbacks the feeling of being attacked and lack of trust. It affects the over all interaction with members of their unit. Not only does it affect them when they go to work it affects them they get home it cause seperation between him and or her and their families lifestyle.
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How do the American public view this

People are always asking what is PTSD trying to find out how it effects people and what they can do to help. The issue is big and we must be doing something to help out those poor soldiers who fight for our freedom everyday

PTSD Military view

PTSD is hard to moniter but the military does its best to try and make sure everything is in ship shape with the soldiers mentality offering a huge variety of help

Programs to combat ptsd

There are several recovery programs in place to help military vets to recover from PTSD. Such as Vet center,veteran combat call center , Military one source all who help councel and help Veterans deal with that they have witnessed 24/7 to get them back into the real world.