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Dear readers, I hear a lot of talk about how the Industrial Revolution is affecting your lives in a not-so-good way. Please send in questions so I can help you get through this.
Q: I am a farmer who lives in Maryland and I have a wife and seven daughters. The girls always help out around the farm, and I cant take care of it without them. But now they want to work at a mill for this Lowell guy. It will ruin me financially if they all leave. What do I do? Please help me Yakeesha
 A: I can see why you are worried. I think you should tell your girls the problem and I think they will understand. If you are able, let the older ones go work at the mill and keep theyounger girls that you need for a comprimise. I hope you find this helpful. -Yakeesha
Q: I am a worker at a Slater Mill and I am not satisfied with the working conditions. The windows are kept closed and it gets very stuffy with all the cotton, not to mention the breathing problems it causes. I reaally want to make a change but i don't know how. Please help me Yakeesha.
A: You should for a Trade Union. The have done great things for companies and their workers, such as reducing hours, increasing pay, and like you said, working conditions. Try different strategies, including stikes if things don't change. Make a difference for the workers at your mill.  -Yakeesha

Workers Wanted

We here at Slater's Mill want to make the workers feel as comfortable and safe as possible at their new jobs. But we can't do that if we don't have workers. You can bring your whole family with you and they will work too, even the kids! We provide cheap room and board and even have a town general store where you can take some of your salary and invest in food or whatever you need to get it for a cheaper price. So come on down and work at friendly Slater's Mill!