silent storm


Who Is Silent Storm?

Silent Storm was born and raised in Turrell, Arkansas. She has always been a lover of books and possessed a vivid imagination. At the tender age of seven she penned what would become her first of many creative stories. She is the author of two published books A Thin Line Between Love and Power and Love Got Me Gone under the pen name of Silent Storm. She is not just an author but one of the CEOs of Diamond Kut Publications and CEO of Silent Storm Publications where she works behind the scenes helping other authors dreams become reality.

She is an advocate for those living with a mental illness fighting to keep them out of the criminal justice system and helping to ensure that they receive the support and services to empower them to live successful lives within the community. She is very actively involved with NAMI Minnesota (National Alliance Mental Illness) where she has served on the Board of Directors, Criminal Justice Advisory Board, African American Board and facilitated support groups for parents and family members of those living with a mental illness.

She is also a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem for Hennepin County helping to reunite children in Child Protective Services with their families. She is an entrepreneur and business owner as both a Paparzzi Jewelry Director and Mary Kay Beauty Consultant where she empowers women to make their dreams reality.

Silent Storm is currently penning two novels that will be out late Summer 2018 while preparing to attend law school in the Fall of 2018.

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Nicolas Shaw, a ruthless, cold-hearted killer, disappeared three years ago to protect the woman that he loved. He never meant to break her heart, but that was the only way he could keep her safe, as his treacherous ways and dealings kept catching up with him.

Nicolas returns only to find that Natalie’s in love with her best friend, Roger Malone, but Nicolas’ unsavory ways follow him back to her.

Natalie Armstrong is a strong, independent, and successful business owner. She has everything except love. Everything seems perfect until she is kidnapped, beaten, and nearly raped by an enemy of one of the men that she loves. Will this drive her away from him and into the arms of her other beloved?

Roger Malone was a constant friend and confidant of Natalie ever since they were kids. Although life took them on separate journeys, Roger’s love for her never waned. When Nicolas returns to claim that which belonged to him, how far will Roger go to protect the woman he loves from the ruthless Nicolas Shaw? Will the threat of losing Natalie forever to Nicolas make Roger do the unthinkable?

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Monica Houston is the only daughter of George Houston, thus making her the only heir of his mafia empire. However, she was challenged on every hand by her childhood friend, Stephen White, who thought that he should be the one running the empire. He is, after all, a man and she’s just a mere woman.
Stephen’s loyalty came into question shortly after Monica met the notorious James Kingsley, a ruthless, shrewd, and calculating, a cold-hearted murderer who has his own hidden agenda. Stephen and James became arch enemies, vowing to kill each other while pledging to protect the only woman who stood between them.
Monica finds herself falling in love with James, and just when she’s ready to give him her heart she discovers a most painful and disturbing secret that could shatter all of her hopes and dreams. Will Monica choose love, or will she choose her empire?