It all started with my dad going to academy to buy some fishing stuff. I never really cared about playing sports or recreational activities it just wasn’t my thing. But I was so bored I started to wander around the store. It was when I started gazing at the canoes and kayaks that it hit me why don’t I try kayaking? I never knew how much that thought would affect me nor did I expect how much of a fanatic I would be come.  

My Expertise

 I bugged my mom and dad so much they finally gave up and let me take some classes. The first time was really something. I remember, after hours of lessons, when the instructor finally lowered me down into the river and like a fish without water I took off. It soon became clear that I was a natural at it. Each stroke was smooth and fluid which made me really fast and not once did I flip over.

My Experiences

Since then I have been going down rivers in Austin, Bastrop and I have even gone fishing with my family in Port Aransas. Each trip always feels new to me. It seems that the feeling will never get old but its even more enjoyable when my family share the same experiences. My most interesting experience was when I spent 2 hours kayaking in a race on an endless river . I was so tired at the end of it but was proud that I beat most of the other contestants.


Today Im trying to save up for a brand spanking new kayak, hopefully. My new  instuctor even recommends for me to try kayaking competitively or white water rafting if I am really that interested. I'm so thankful my family is being so supportive of my new hobby and have taken the time and money to make me happy.