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Dripping Springs ISD

May/June 2017

Checking in...

Things to think about with your mentor or mentee...

  • Continue to look at your campus/department/team calendar together. As we move closer to the end of the year our calendars fill up with activities, make sure your mentee knows about all the happenings.
  • Check in with each other about Summer Professional Development and requirements (GT update, Exchange Day). Mark your calendars for August 14th - special presenter/PD for the first exchange day.
  • Elementary: Talk about procedures for class placement meetings this month.
  • Some campuses have an End of Year Checklist for the Administrative Team. Check on this!
  • Talk about the Summer Equipment Checkout procedures to use your laptop or iPad(s) over the break.
  • Talk about procedures for updating notes on students in Eduphoria for the following year's teacher(s).
  • Go over the procedure for packing up the classroom. Be on the lookout about procedures for packing up/having things moved to the new campus if you are transferring.
  • Congratulate each other on a year well done!

Thoughts, Tips, and Tidbits :)

As you finish out the school year, talk with your mentee about how they will sharpen their saw. Here are five priorities that are worth scheduling time for [adapted from:].

    1. Rest. Do not overlook the need for rest in your summer. You don’t want to jam-pack every day and find yourself exhausted in August. You’ll need lots of energy for the start of the new school year, so don’t feel guilty about taking some time to just rest and relax.
    2. Refresh. One of the best ways to refresh your mind is to get away on a vacation or weekend trip. A change of scenery will do wonders to help you truly unwind. Make sure you don’t take your work with you on these trips. My vacation rule is no thinking about work. The mental time off is invaluable. Even if you can’t take a trip out of town, plan a day or two where you intentionally don’t think about school at all. Giving your brain a few days off helps it to reboot and be ready to reengage afterwards.
    3. Revive. Pamper yourself (men included!). If you only have time during the year for a quick manicure, treat yourself to a more luxurious spa treatment. Get a massage, a facial, and a new hairstyle. Use the summer break to experiment with new looks and products to help you feel amazing and get in a routine for the new school year. Learn something new. Read a book OR take a cooking class or language lesson. Explore a new hobby or revisit an old one.
    4. Reconnect. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our busy year we don’t get to spend as much time as we want with our friends and family. Be intentional about reconnecting with your loved ones. Put dates on the calendar today; otherwise you may find yourself at the end of the summer realizing you never got together with the people you wanted to.
    5. Reimagine your classroom. Don’t be content to just recreate what you did last year. With your brain rested, refreshed, revived, and reconnected, you should be ready to tackle fresh ideas for your classroom. Get together with other teachers to exchange ideas and/or read a great book. Imagine your dream classroom and then make steps to create it! Look into the professional development offered by the district or create your own PD by looking on-line or twitter.

None of these ideas are earth-shatteringly new, but they are areas that we can overlook if we’re not intentional about planning them into our summers. Sit down today and plan how you will incorporate each of these areas in the months ahead.

Last But Not Least...


We cannot thank you all enough for taking the time to be a mentor to our newest Tiger Life Changers and helping to make this a smooth year for them and their students!

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As always...

Please feel free to leave us comments, ask questions or give suggestions below. We want this mentoring experience to be as rewarding to you as those you support!

Your Campus Instructional Facilitators (IFs),

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