Moon and Tide Facts

Everything you need to know about tides and the moon

How do they work together?

Tides are caused when the moon's gravity pulls on the Earth making a bulge of water. The harder gravity pulls, the bigger the bulge of water gets, the less gravity pulls, the smaller the tides or bulge get.

Tide names and definitions

Spring Tides-  when there is higher high tides and lower low tides then usual.Neap Tides- these tides occur when high tides are lower then usual.High Tides-occur when the bulge  of water caused by gravity is very large.Low Tides-occur when the bulge of water caused by gravity is very low.

Phases of the Moon

Full Moon-when the half of the moon that faces us is fully lit.New Moon-when the Earth casts a shadow over the moon so we cannot see it.Third Quarter Moon- the next to last phase in the waxing cycle and the moon is almost full.  Half Moon- The moon is halfway through the waxing and waning process.