Vampire Academy

You've Read The Book, sink your teeth into The Film!

New York Times Bestselling Series, is here! in an mesmerizing film adaption!

Princess Vasilisa has a mean bite, and no, not because of those powerful fangs. She is informally known as Lissa, to her friends; who include the one and only Rose Hathaway. Being half human and half vampire, Rose has grown up training for a lifetime role; protecting the Moroi vampires at all costs. Lissa and Rose are different to most girls, the two share a powerful bond that allows Rose to enter Lissa’s head at any given moment and feel her emotions. This occurred after a tragic accident, changing their lives forever. After being on the run for two years, the pair have been found, by the mysterious Guardian Dimitri Belikov. He is strong and fast; powerful and intelligent, and deadly handsome.

The two girls return and a lot has changed at St Vladimir's Academy. Ms Karp, the strange, deluded teacher who tried to help the two girls; is gone. Dimitri is training Rose harder than ever before; pushing her to fight and improve her guardian skills; and she begins to enjoy it a little too much. Lissa meets the sadistic, sarcastic and outcast Christian Ozera, who is also witty and charming; but also feared by the whole school community.

Then we have the Strigoi; they are fast, terrifying and deadly, with red eyes and a thirst for Moroi blood. These are the creatures parents tell their children about night, the monsters children have nightmares about; and fear for their lives. These are the creatures the guardians have to fight; and its absolutely terrifying. Because not only are they trying to kill you, they may also be somebody you know; they are Moroi vampires who have awakened and chosen the life style for themselves. Rose is training to defeat this threat, and protect Lissa, who the Strigoi want to kill desperately; for she is the last in her royal line. The last Dragomir.

When the girls return how can they adjust to the life they left behind; the supernatural night time schedule, the proud royals and the constant pressure to be the best? Will Rose be able to protect Lissa from her inner demons; the fear and lurking depression? What will happen when Dimitri is assigned to be Rose's new mentor? And who will betray Lissa and hurt her in the utmost way possible?

In cinemas on March 6th, don't miss out on this comedic, dangerous and spectacular event!

Starring Zoey Deutch as Rose Hathaway, Lucy Fry as Vasilisa Dragomir and Danila Kozlovsky as Dimitri Belikov; we bring you the long anticipated film, Vampire Academy.


"The film will bring happiness, hope and a sense of adventure to your heart!" Goodreads user Marcie.

"It was a great film - Don't knock it until you try it..." IMDB user Reyna

"This captivated audiences around the world; aimed for teenage girls, but an interesting and intriguing story line. Vicious Vampires and royal queen bees, Vampire Academy is an amazing film adaption" IMBD User- Harriet

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With a $3.9 million dollars opening weekend, this is a film worth spending your money on.