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ACTION is when you help out and change the world.

You can be doing many different types of ACTIONS every day without realizing it, like taking a quick shower instead of a long bath, giving money to charity or picking up rubbish left on the ground or on the beach.

Many people in the world have many different needs like shoes, clothes, food and water.

But just by helping out you could change the lives of many people in a very good way.


We agree to respect each other in all possible ways, be caring, principled and a reflective thinker.

We will also listen to each others ideas as well as our own, and to be open-minded to each other even though we are different in many ways.

Always be a risk-taker and try new things as well as being knowledgeable. Being creative and an inquirer to learn new things. Being on time if we have been given a task to do.


Elyazia Al Hashemi, Shahin Maat and Nathan Tobin.


1: It will be the law soon in the U.A.E and will give you a cost of a Dhs 400 fine and four traffic points.

2: It protects you from hitting the windshield if you get in an accident.

3: Wearing a seat belt keeps you from being thrown out of the car in an accident.

4: Your seat belt holds you back from banging against parts of your car.

5: Air bags are useless without you wearing your seat belt.

6: It saves lives.If you get in a bad accident without wearing your seatbelt you are surely to get badly injured or even die.

7: If you get in an accident and you are wearing your seatbelt then your seatbelt will pull you back to keep you from flying to the front and bashing your head and body everywhere which protects you from getting badly injured.

Here are some other cool websites you can check out! :)

Check out this video too!

Seat Belt Awareness

Here are some interesting newspaper reports about seatbelts that I have found...

And another one

And another


Here is some info about why you shouldn't text while you drive

And a time line of car accidents in the us

I hope they helped :)

What we did for our ACTION so far

My group and I are planning to start our action this week Wednesday after school, we are thinking of doing a survey in the car park to find out how many people do wear their seat belts and how many people who don't wear their seat belts.To give us an example and an average of how much people are safe and how much people are not safe.

This Weeks Refection

My group and I are doing ok but are a little bit behind on answering our questions. We are also thinking of starting our action this week, we are going to do a survey outside in the parking area to see who does or does not wear their seat belts, to get the population question answered. We have also had help and good ideas from our mentor Ms.Muller and our home room teacher Mr.Ingham.

What aspects of the LEARNER PROFILE have I used this week and how have I shown them?

I have used many aspects of the learner profile have I learned this week, like being caring to my partners and respecting them, being knowledgable by doing lots of research and collecting lots of facts this week and even being principled by following the instructions we are given for our exhibition work. I have also been a great thinker by coming up with great ideas for our team like the designs we could do for our posters and the idea of doing a tagxedo artwork poster about the safety of seat belts. I was also really reflective when I went back to look at our work and to see what we need to improve and what to do next. I was a good communicator to my team mates and spoke to them politely. I was also an inquirer to find out the answers to my questions and to find out new things about my topic. I had a great week! :)

If their was one REALLY BIG thing you would want to change in the world (connected to the exhibition) what would it be and why?

I would want every one in the world to follow all the road safety rules so their would be LESS accident and MUCH more safety. It would change the lives of billions.

This weeks reflection

I changed my attitude about ...

I haven't changed my attitude towards anything this week.

I became more aware of ...

The fact that we didn't have much time left to do our tasks.

I was surprised about ...

How fast the weeks were passing by and how much little time we had left.

I felt ...

A little worried because I thought that maybe we would't finish everything on time.

I related to ...

I have nothing to write about this. :( Sorry

I demonstrated empathy by ...

Thinking about how my team mates felt when they were stressed out or were busy by putting myself into their shoes.

Big image

Heres a poem about seat belt safety

Big image

And a little rap too

Big image

My Next Idea

I was thinking of making a poem, a little giggle, or even a dance and a song to make it as one of our actions witch we will be doing on the opening night and day of our exhibition. So I have looked up some examples of a few poems (located above this text) so I could get an idea to make my own poem about seat belts.

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