Energy Use in P-20 Communities

Community P

2015: Renewed Commitment to Conservation

According to numerology, 2015 is a year of the number 8. Eight is the symbol of abundance, which many of us are keen to associate with money and power. In the conservation community, abundance is understood a bit differently. Characterized by words like balance, new notions of abundance are evolving alongside the ethics of sustainability. As it becomes apparent that diminishing resources impose limits to our traditional ideas of prosperity, we find ourselves in an exciting new era of urgent innovation. As Einstein once advised, "Problems can't be solved with the mindset that created them." Realizing that our potential lies within the context of our natural resources, the Natural & Renewable Resources team invites you to celebrate this year of abundance with a renewed commitment to putting conservation into action.

The graphs below depict Annual Use (in kWh) and Annual Cost for each P-20 Community, as well as Average Cost/Use per sq. ft throughout our district. The subsequent bar graph provides a breakdown of each school that makes up the P-20 Community and how each school compares to others in terms of cost and energy use.

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Research shows that behavior change (turning lights off, etc.) can account for 15-20% energy cost savings.

If Community P reduces its energy use by 15%, they could collectively save the district more than $136,000!

Think our schools can do better? Have them sign up for the 2015 APS Energy Challenge: a student-led competition geared towards energy saving activities starting February 2015.

For more information, please contact Julie North at or ext. 28668

Building Dashboard & APS Energy Challenge 2015

Interested to see how other schools are performing? Click on the link below to visit the interactive webpage designed to engage students and faculty to better understand their school's energy use and implement energy conservation practices.

This tool will also help to facilitate the Spring 2015 district wide Energy Challenge competition, where schools compete to reduce energy use by 20%. Those schools who participate will win CA$H rewards and the opportunity to be featured as the top Green School for Aurora Public Schools.

Click Here to Learn How Other Schools Are Performing

Aurora Public Schools's Building Dashboard - View, compare, and share building energy and water use information in real time on the web with the first social network for buildings.

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