EL Monthly Update

February 2016

Happy February!

When my daughter was little, she used to call the month of February - the Love month! Well, I thought it was an appropriate month to celebrate the compassion demonstrated with our EL Team in supporting our special students and each other!

Recently, we had a student move in with very specific exceptional needs and the entire EL Team rallied, even if they were not in her building, to share their ideas and support! Also, the year thus far has brought us much illness and icy streets, and again, the team has supported each other!

We know that the ED Team, the Life Skills Team and the LRE Team members have been working on their own particular curriculum guides, but we have worked to combine their belief and mission statements into one - Department for Exceptional Learners Mission Statement below. I am so proud to be a part of such a caring group of professionals who have high expectations for their students and themselves. You all inspire me!


"Inspiring Lives"

Special Needs Basketball

"I had the opportunity to attend the Special Needs Basketball Game this past Friday…and I loved every second of my time there: from hearing the National Anthem sung by a couple of our students to experiencing the community of parents, students, grandparents and teachers mingle together, once the game was over. The sportsmanship, caring attitudes and teamwork among the boys and girls on the team was AMAZING to watch! It is obvious that this must be the attitude that is carried out, not only on the basketball court in practice and in games, but also in your classrooms. The girls’ cheerleading team did a FANTASTIC job, as well! A mother of a boy from the Lake Central team watched in awe as our girls did their cheers and told me, “No other school system in NWI has a cheer squad. It is so cool that Crown Point has started this for them.” Kevin McBride and his band were there in the stands, too! They played several fun songs to jazz up the crowd for the big game. It was AWESOMENESS all around!! All that was missing was popcorn and soda! ;)

I just wanted to send a shout out to Kevin McBride, Branden Lorek and Liz Hanlon for their time, commitment and efforts that have gone into making these programs a huge success! It does not go unnoticed! (I felt like a news reporter should have been there to be writing a story about all the happenings!) I am so proud to be ‘connected’ to this department, this family, this community of people. I would encourage ANYONE to attend a game – it will make your night!"

Thank you!

~Meredith Taylor

Special National Anthem

2016 CPHS Special Needs Basketball Schedule

February 12th @ 6:30pm v. West Lake @ CPHS (Senior Night)

February 17th @ 6:00pm v. West Lake @ Lake Central

February 24th @ 6:00pm v. West Lake @ Lake Central

March TBD 4th Annual Samuel Balicki Special Needs Basketball Tournament @ CPHS