The follows are called muslims

All About Islam

Muslims believe in the five pillars of faith which include fasting, pilgrimage, prayer, charity, and belief. Some traditions Muslims have are praying five time a day, and pilgrimage to Mecca at least once their life time. They also believe that there is only one God named Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. Muslims pray in a mosque facing Kaaba in Mecca . There is a call tower called a mihrad. It signals the time for prayer. An Imam is the worship leader at a mosque. Muslims also believe in the Qu'ran or Koran. There are many holidays that Muslims celebrate such as Ramadan the celebration of allah giving Muhammad a message, and Eid al-fitr the celebration that marks the end of Ramadan; gifts, food, family, and thanks. For Muslims, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is a holy city as well as Makkah or Mecca. A common religious figure in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism is Abraham. They all believe in one god so this is called monotheism.