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An examination can reveal a lot about a person's pain.

What Can Patients Expect From Their First Chiropractic Adjustment

When a person is dealing with ongoing pain and mobility issues, they often find seeing a Chiropractor Redding CA to be beneficial. The treatments carried out by these doctors help patients to overcome the pain they have been feeling so they can get back to life as normal. The goal is to give patients pain relief and increase their mobility without placing them on strong pain medications or having them go through risky invasive procedures.

The first visit at Redding Chiropractic involves taking a health history of the patient. A person's health history and present symptoms are crucial for the doctor being able to determine what may be causing the patient's pain.

The Web Design in Redding CA will also ask about the medications the patient takes. He will want to know when the pain began, what causes it to worsen and what gives relief. After this information has been supplied, an examination will be conducted.

An examination can reveal a lot about a person's pain. If the chiropractor needs further information, X-rays may be taken to ensure there are no serious issues that need to be addressed.

Each chiropractic treatment first begins with massage and heat therapy. These treatments help to loosen stiff muscles so the body will respond better to the adjustment. Once the muscles are relaxed, the chiropractor will use different methods of moving the joints into their proper positions.

Correcting subluxations in the body involves manual adjustments with the hands, chiropractic tools or through chiropractic tables. Any devices used are non-invasive and meant to gently push the joints back into their rightful places.

Most patients do not experience any major pain during their adjustment. Some discomfort may be felt, but this is usually minor. The vast majority of patients report feeling major relief from their pain right away. This relief is felt because the nerves are no longer being compressed.

With ongoing treatment, many people can overcome chronic pain in their back, neck, head and extremities. With this natural treatment, people can rely less on pain medications while finding relief from their pain.

Those who have found traditional medical approaches cannot bring them the pain relief they seek can find help through chiropractic care. For more information, call your local office and schedule a consultation appointment. Scheduling an appointment will allow you to learn more about this natural treatment to see if it can help you overcome your pain and live a more normal life.