The Fourth Grade Flyer

Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Gulam, Mrs. McIntosh, Mrs. Bowles

Remember - NO SCHOOL on Friday!

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STAAR Writing Test - March 29th

We are so proud of all of the hard work that our fourth graders and their hard work! Please make sure that your child...

  1. goes to bed early Monday night and gets plenty of sleep
  2. eats a nutritious breakfast on the morning of the test
  3. arrives to school on time

Don't forget to encourage them to do their best!

Austin Field Trip Form - MUST BE COMPLETED!

Please complete this form to let us know your child's lunch order and t-shirt sizes.

Please click here to access the form.

Don't forget to collect your Apex Pledge Money!

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"No sweat" means that the task will be easy or not to worry.

Encourage your children to use figurative language, including idioms, in their writing!

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Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to all of our parents who signed up to donate materials for our science experiments this week!
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Star Saver Bank Dates

April 1 -B/D
April 15 -A/C
May 6- B/D

May 19 - A/C

Dates to Remember

March Dates

  • 25th: Bad weather make-up day
  • 29th: Writing STAAR

April Dates

May Dates

  • 9th: Math STAAR
  • 10th: Reading STAAR
  • 18th: 4th grade school day performance
  • 19th: 4th grade evening performance
  • 20th: Field Day
  • 24th: Austin field trip
  • 30th: No school

June Dates

  • 2nd: Last day of school (early release)
  • 3rd: Bad weather make-up day