My Pilgrimage

By: Jesse Kendricks and Josh Moore

Mardi Gras!!

It is a festival held in New Orleans Louisiana, on the famous Bourbon street. Many crazy things happen during this insane festival.


1.Fly on February 9 from KC to Louisiana

2. Take a taxi to Crown plaza hotel in the French quarter of New Orleans

3. Hang out and travel around New Orleans for the week

4. Go to Bourbon street on February 17

5. Return to the hotel and leave on the 18th to go to KC

Things needed

1. Clothes for 8 days

2. $5000

3. Lots of beads

4. The crew

Accomodations and transport

1. We will be staying at the Crown Plaza Hotel

2. Flying from Kansas city national airport

3. Using taxi and shuttle services to get around the city for various activities

4. We will be eating out at and trying the different foods offered

Reason for going

It's something I have always wanted to attend. The whole week leading up to the festival is nothing but fun and I believe that a trip like this will have anyone more than ready for any parties they may ever go to afterwards