November 15, 2015

What's Happening This Week!

Reading Groups:

1. blend 2 phonemes, identify ending sound, identify a capital letter, blend 3 phoneme

2. blend 4 phonemes, segment 4 phonemes, identify upper and lower case letters

3. reread for decoding, identify letters, identify short vowel sounds, C-V-C rule

4. Word families: ad, ag, an, ap

5. Word families: it, ix, up, un

Writing Groups:

1. form letters correctly, beginning consonant, ending consonant, left to right movement

2. matches letter sound with letter symbol, form letters correctly, one complete sentence, space between words

3. short vowel words, one complete sentence, form letters correctly, space between words

4. one complete sentence, end marks, short vowel words, form letters correctly


Review and Thanksgiving Games

Small group instruction

Social Studies:

The First Thanksgiving

Past vs. Present


Our lunch will be a little later on Wednesday and Friday. We will be joining 1st grade for music so we can practice for our choir concert.
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Our turkey trot is on Thursday! Dress appropriately for the weather and wear good running shoes.

Bring one dollar and wear a CRAZY hat!

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Stay after the Turkey Trot and eat with us! We will be having our special Thanksgiving meal. Please sign up ahead of time at the office!