"Out of Control" Students

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Stress reduction, one breath at a time!

Unhealthy behaviors are often used to relieve stress. Some students exhibit out of control behaviors that are not conducive to a productive learning environment. Extreme negative reaction to a minor correction, inconsolable crying, and screaming are just a few problem behaviors.

The amygdala is responsible for processing emotions. Trauma, stress, and chaos in the environment can cause the amygdala to become hijacked, or stuck, in a "fight or flight" response. We offer a solution tool that will help your student become unstuck and return to using the part of the brain imperative to learning. Students with test anxiety may also benefit from the Alive biofeedback program. Biofeedback trains an individual to control their body's natural stress response. Then, individuals can access the prefrontal cortex so learning can take place.


  • Biofeedback games are formatted so that anyone can reduce their stress level in a fun, relaxing manner.
  • Coaching and progress tracking make it easy to see improvement over time and build confidence in abilities to meet challenges with calm and precision.
  • Slow, easy breathing creates slow, smooth heart rate changes that create an inner sense of calm, of coherence in a relaxed person.

Biofeedback Training for Staff and School Counselor

Train your entire staff to use the Alive software for stress reduction. Counseling By Penny Haight provides professional training so that everyone dealing with students that suffer from anxiety and anger out-bursts will be equipment with the tools to help children reclaim their potential for academic success.

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