School of Grammar Gazette

Issue #18: February 15-19

Lunchroom Update

A big thank you and well done to Ms. Guertin (Melissa) & Ms. Williamson (Susie) for navigating the lunch transition this past week! As we move forward, just a few items for you to know and pass on to your scholars:

Just some notes about lunch/recess/lunchroom dismissal:
1.) Recess dismissal will be overseen by a lunch monitor, but we do not have sufficient staff to walk students all the way out to the playground. Students will be accompanied to the end of the entry walk, cones will be placed all along the sidewalk, and students will be directed to walk to the playground being sure to stay on the sidewalk, within the cones while the monitors observe. Any "stragglers" will be directed to recess via the music hallway.

2.) This coming week we will be attempting something new with the 5th graders that has proven successful with SoL students - dismissing by table. Students will be asked to clean up their respective tables, return to their seat, and tables will be dismissed based upon how temperate students are behaving and, similarly, will be directed to walk to the playground being sure to stay on the sidewalk, within the cones while a monitor observes.

3.) Please remind your scholars that the monitors should be afforded to same respect and response scholars show each of you.

As always, if you have and questions, suggestions and/or general feedback please contact me.


Pop-In Observations

The 90-day observations are all finished! It was so much fun to see all the great things going on in your classrooms! Before spring break, I will be doing a round of pop-ins and some additional 90-day observations. Let me know if you have questions!

Feedback Due!

Feedback on the 2016-17 calendar (survey was distributed last week) as well as the 2016-17 daily LS schedule is due by next Monday. Thanks for your input!

Observing Colleagues!

Don't forget to turn in your "certificate" if you'd like to visit a colleague's classroom!

Brooke gone Thursday & Friday

I will be gone on Thursday and Friday for another session of the Minnesota Principal Academy. I'll be available via email both days if anyone needs anything!

Upcoming Events!

Monday, February 22: Board Meeting @ 6:30pm
Friday, February 25: Virtue Assembly (Temperance) @ 9:45am

High Fives!

From Mr. Long to Ms. O'Rourke:

Thanks so much for offering to cover for me for part of the Opera this morning. I was able to accomplish quite a bit in 25 minutes! I really appreciated the time, and the thoughtfulness of you even offering.

From Ms. Urbrock: I'd like to give a high five to:

Maria Marchand, Jen Granneman, Claire Gilbert, and Sara Knudsen for their extra supervision for the Opera today. I greatly appreciate their time, help, and friendliness!!

Just for a laugh.... :)

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