Make-Up Trends

By Sophia Sload

Trends from the 1920's

Make-up has changed a lot in the past one hundred year. Lots of social changes for woman were happening in the 1920's. This was the time when the flapper style became popular. This style made self-expression easier for woman, through fashion and make-up. During the 1920's powder, vanishing creams, mascaras, pan sticks, and lipsticks were just becoming popular. One of the most favored trends of the time was the cupids bow lip that was made popular by Hollywood star Clara Bow. Also having darker eyes by using eye liner was in.

Trends from the 1950's

Make-up trends from the 1950's were similar and different from the 1920's. Lipstick was still very popular but now it was normal to use lip liner as well as different colors of lipsticks. Some colors used were pinks, reds, purples, oranges, and more. The 50's were a time where pastel colors were in. Pale greens, blues, yellows and pinks were some of the popular pastels that were incorporated into make-up. Aubrey Hepburn was one of the reasons pastel pink became a cool color in the 1950's.

Trends from the 1970's

Trends from the 1970's differed from the times before. This era was more natural when it came to make-up. Instead of bright lipsticks, lip gloss and light shades of lipstick were used. Unlike before fake lashes were very popular. They tried to make them look as natural as possible. Bronzer was also being used over a powder base on the face. A tan and natural look was extremely popular.

Trends from the 1980's

The make-up in the 1980's was very bold and plentiful. Two of the trendiest looks were very bold eyes and cheekbones. Whereas, in the 70's bronzer was very popular, in the 80's blush was extremely popular. It accentuated the cheeks and pink was an often used color. Bold eyes was also in. Eye liner and eye shadow were very popular. Bright colors were often used in eye shadow.

Trends from the 1990's

Like before, bright eye shadows were still in style. This made the eyes brighter and bolder. Lip stick was also still a popular. But unlike the bright colors of the 80's darker colors were more in. For example browns or purples. Unlike before, more people were caring about their eyebrows. They tried to make them look skinnier.

Trends from present day

Unlike the 90's, the present day make-up is more natural and simple. It is popular to have groomed eyebrows instead of shapeless and skinny eyebrows. Even though make-up is more simple now that doesn't mean that elaborate eyeliner isn't popular. Winged eye liner is one type of this. Red lipstick is a classic and is still popular. Make-up has changed very much throughout the years.