"Maude the Good" Is back, and she's running for queen again!

All hail the Queen!

Queen Maude, or “Matilda the Good” was the first consort to King Henry I of England. She was a kind woman, known for her charity work with the poor and the sick. In many cases she personally helped to care for the sick. She also established two hospitals for lepers. A well-educated woman, Matilda brought both religious and cultural improvements to the court and acted as vice-regent when her husband Henry was away from England. She also commissioned the Gesta regum Anglorum of William of Malmsbury, considered to be one of the most important early histories of England.

If you're going to pick, pick the GOOD choice.

Her promise to yoU!

"I, Matilda the Good, promise whoever votes for me that they will not regret their choice. Our children will be taken better care of, our mothers more kindly treated, and our land a better place!"