Third Grade Happenings

A few notes about what is going on in Third Grade

ELA and SC History

Reading: This week we will continue discussing what it takes to be a good reader. We have added lots of information to our reading workshop notebook. On Friday we will have a quick quiz over metacognition.
Words: The first spelling list will go home today. Please study the words by the sort they are in. Our first test will be on Friday. Students will be asked to spell the word in the proper sort for the test. Homework will be assigned on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
Writing: This week in writing we will work on Wel"GUM" to a new school year. We are working on building quality third grade sentences with proper punctuation.

South Carolina History: This week we will discuss the river system in South Carolina and start talking about the 6 regions in our state. Check out the interactive SC History notebooks to see what we have learned. These notebooks will be used as the study guide for each test we take.

Science and Math

Math: This week we are reviewing place value, comparing numbers and rounding. The first test will be on Thursday, September 5.

Science: We are wrapping up the Scientist Like Me studies and are learning how to observe, classify by attribute, and infer. Look for a safety contract coming home Tuesday.

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Important Dates

BOOSTERTHON FUNRUN: This Thursday, August 29 at9:40 a.m. Come and join us for this fun event!

Third Grade Parent Meeting: Tuesday, September 3 at 6:00 p.m. Head to the PTO meeting following our session!