Library Lowdown

November 2015

By The Numbers: A Look At Our Stats!

Our libraries are VERY busy places! Classes, story times, lessons, activities, book checkouts, shelving, and book repair! Thank you for supporting your library and library assistants! And a BIG THANK YOU for letting US support YOU!


What's Happening? December Info...

Bluebonnet Book Program

Library Assistants, students, teachers, and Librarians should be deep into the Bluebonnet Nominee list by now. Each 3rd, 4th, and 5th grader will have read 5 books by mid-January and BISD students will be voting on a favorite shortly after the reading ceases! Look for a winner to be announced in late January!

Aggie Dream Team

Reading Logs have been passed out and students should be read-read-reading! Class reading counts too, so be sure to keep a list of items you read in class to help students with their ADT reading logs! The Aggie men are having a GREAT season, so students and their families will hopefully get to see a fun and exciting game!

Kinder Libraries

Campus libraries shared books with Kindergarten teachers across the district. It is time to switch these books out so that your students have a brand new set of books to browse and choose from. Look for your campus Library Assistant to contact you in the near future about switching out the books in your classroom library!

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is up and running; encourage your students to take quizzes and check their understanding of the books they read! Accelerated Reader is committed to providing a great deal of accurate, reading data to students, teachers, and families! And, there are numerous ways to support, encourage, and motivate students to read using AR. It doesn't have to be all bout the points! Reward words read, books read, goals passed, percent accuracy, points earned, and even more! Ask your campus AR coordinator for more information!

Check Out-Check In-Shelving-Repair

Your campus Library Assistant is busy-busy-busy all of the time helping your students with books and keeping the room organized and ready!


Need Nonfiction Reading?

Check out our databases and research resources for some GREAT nonfiction passages!

Want more info? Click Here for our Research Tutorial Videos!


eBook Spotlight: December

What a great way to model reading and demonstrate technology resources at the same time! There is a library of more than 1,900 books at your fingertips, and all you need to do is log in to the library catalog to access it! Our BISD eBook library has almost everything you need for your classroom or personal reading! Check out the suggestions below for some timely titles!

Click here for instructions on accessing these books.


Picture This...Our Libraries In Action!


Mrs. Denise Kersten

Hi! I am the District Library Coordinator and Campus Library Supervisor for this group of elementary libraries. Please feel free to contact me or your campus library assistant if you ever have a question or need some help!