Nathaniel Joel Harrison 31st August 2003


Dad: Chris Harrison age 48

Mum: Vanessa Harrison 44

Siblings: Trinity Harrison age 10

Nathaniel Harrison age 11 turning 12

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Most Amazing Achievements..

Nathaniel Harrison's most amazing achievement is winning 11 karting trophies in 6 months. Nathaniel Harrison's second most amazing achievement is getting 114 points Mathethon.
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The Journey..

Nathaniel Harrison practiced karting at Ipswich kart club, Warwick, Toowoomba and Cooloola kart club with help from Derik Jones Nathaniel Harrison's engine builder. Also help from Peter Crossing-ham from Ipswich. Nathaniel Harrison has done karting for one whole year. The position Nathaniel Harrison would finish in would be is first to twelfth in one race.

Nathaniel Harrison practiced Mathethon for ten weeks and ended the ten weeks with 114.

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Jubilee Primary School Qld.

Prep, year, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 2009-2015

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Home and Parents..

Mum lived in QLD and born in QLD

Dad lived in NSW and QLD and born in QLD

Sister lived in QLD and born in QLD

Nathaniel Harrison lives in Pacific pines QLD Australia.

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Most Interesting Story..

Nathaniel Harrison had some funny time with his sister Trinity Harrison trying to get drouned in the swimming pool . Also having times playing the Nintendo Wii with his cousins Jake, Riley and Emiley Harrison also playing hide and seek and playing uno with with his whole family. All of us would all play with Nathaniel Harrison's lego trains and watch TV. All of us would swim in the pool for about 2-3 hours running and jumping into the swimming pool.