Ashley La Chance

Ceramics 1

Blue Whale

i created this project because i like sea creatures and the color problem i had was smoothing the project, but all it took wa time and patients to get it a nice smooth texture. If i could change one thing about my project, it'd be the design, i feel that it really has nothing to do with the theme.


I created this peice because it is shelter for the charity project. The part that i had the most difficulty with was the tree. i jst had to handle it very carefully. One thing i would change would be the roof, i just think it would look a little better as a different texture.

Art critique of "John Deweese Pottery"

In this piece i can see a lot of smooth texture and good details with the definition of the body. He used warm nuetral colors.this peice looks as if it is from the late 1800's. i think this peice is an interpretation of the modern man. i think the mood is neutral. I think this sculpture is successful because it has good detail and texture.

Art Critique of Emma Marie Caldwalader-Guild Sculpture

In this peice there is smooth sharp edges and a unique shape. It has a cold, harsh color and seems very dark. This piece is maybe from the dark ages or mideval era. I think it is a successful peice because it looks carefully crafted and has a good, smooth texture.