Spring Break Reminders!

From the Desks of Mrs. Brannan and Ms. Neal

Have a safe and relaxing Spring Break! We hope your vacation is full of smiles!
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Important Dates

April 3-7- Spring Break

April 13- Georgia Milestones ELA Part 1

April 17- Georgia Milestones ELA Parts 2 & 3

April 19- Georgia Milestones Math Parts 1 & 2

Tomorrow is the last day to order Field Day t-shirts!

There is an order form in your child's Thursday folder that went home today. You may also order online by clicking the button below.

** Field Day t-shirts are optional

Georgia Milestones

Students will begin taking Georgia Milestones the week that we return from Spring Break. A practice English Language Arts packet was sent home in your child's Thursday Folder today to help them study. It is encouraged that your child work on it during the break. In addition, your child may study their math journals and resources sent home from Mrs. Brannan.

**Remember that your child is required to pass in order to be promoted to the next grade level. Please see below.

Helpful Tips:

1. Have a discussion with your child about what directions and prompts mean before he/she does homework. Being able to comprehend and follow directions is very important to getting the best grade possible on tests and assignments.

2. Ask your child what they think a question means before they try to answer it.

3. Look over assignments and see if your child has answered all parts of a question.

4. Remind your child to slow down- too often students want to read a text once, answer it, and turn it in. It is important that your child is practicing think time to process the text and the question.

5. Have your child read a text/passage more than once for complete understanding. Make sure that they highlight, take notes, or text code on assignments. This is evidence that they

they are trying to get the correct answer.

6. Tell your child to check their work for errors.

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Don't forget that I-Ready is an excellent reading tool catered to your child's reading level that they can access from most digital devices. The username is your child's lunch number and the password is : woodland