analyzing viola

violia's identity

viola is a girl who wants to be a servant for the duke but to get to Olivia so they can be in grief together so she asks the captain to help her disguise herself as a man. "help me conceal my identity, and find me the right disguise so I can look the way I want" (I.2.10-11)

violias gender

she's a girl but also a boy at times the people who know her as viola think of her as what she is when she's being called viola but when she's around people who don't know her as viola and they know her as ceaserio they think of her as a man because that's what she is dresses up as.


the people in the play view her as a strong hard working man who knows her as one , but the caption view her as a lady because that's what he know she really is


me and viola from the story isn't anything alike because I would never dress up as a man just to sit in grief with somebody cause my brother dead.

shes the man (identity)

in the movie "she's the man" viola think of herself as a girl but also has to think of herself as a boy. she knows she is a girl but also have to play a role as if she's a boy. but her having to constantly switch up her Identity is a challenge for her and she has to face the challenge which is very complicated for her to do but she manages to do it.

shes the man (gender)

viola is having a hard time experiencing her gender because she has to experience the opposite of her gender also. in the movie when she has to play the role of her brother she's forced to act like a boy. she's really benefiting herself because she's playing on the soccer team to beat her school team. then she also hooked herself up with herself playing the role of her brother.

shes the man (perception)

most of the character's in movie viewed her as a girl when she was playing her regular role. The kids at her brother school viewed her as a boy because that's what she disguising herself as. They seen her different from how she seen herself, she was playing as boy in a girl body and everybody else thought she was really a boy except the people who helped her out with disguising herself.

same/ different (she's the man)

Me and my character are the same because we both are girls and honestly what she did I would do the same but not for soccer ill do it just to do it. we are different because she played her boy role good and I know I wouldn't have been able to pull that off I would've got caught.