All About Me

By: Kaitlyn Williams

Family and Friends

I have two parents figures, my mother Karen, and my father Gregory. I have one brother, Codie. He is in the Air National Gaurd, and is currently going to Mizzou, in Colombia. I also have two dogs, Gidget and Jazzie.


In school, I have A's in all of my classes. I'm really good at math and horrible at social studies. Science is pretty easy, and I don't like english language arts. Earlier this year, I played volleyball as an outside hitter. Now, I'm doing track and hopefully I get to do hurdles.

Hobbies and Interests

Some of my hobbies and interests include shooting at the range, playing volleyball, fishing, checking social media accounts and being in the woods. I also enjoy eating, working out, and watching Netflix in my spare time.

All of my great friends