Edit your Smore Profile

Change email, settings, and your profile picture

Your Smore Profile

Your Smore Profile contains information about you that your newsletter recipients can view publicly. This includes your name, brief description, and the ability for viewers to receive email updates from you or contact you directly. You can enable/disable this ability on each newsletter by going to "Newsletter Settings" and selecting "Name and profile."

Within the Profile Editor on Smore you can:

  • Edit Profile Information
  • Edit Your Password (never public)
  • Edit Email Settings
  • Edit Privacy Settings

Follow the guide below to learn how to edit your Profile information:

1. Click your name dropdown

Click your name at the top right of the toolbar, and then click on the "profile" tab.

2. Click "Edit profile"

Click on the gray button that says "Edit Profile" located under your Profile Picture

3. Edit Away!

Here you can edit all of your Smore information. Make sure to click "Update Profile" when you are finished

Need more info?

For more information, visit our full FAQ library. If you have additional questions, contact our Customer Service team at support@smore.com.