Cordelia Hills Update



I can't thank everyone for working so hard during the last few weeks to balance distance learning with getting their classrooms shut down and closed for the year! Thank you!

Big shout out to staff who organized Flipgrid events for our students for the last few weeks. The students enjoyed them. My personal favorite was seeing the talent show videos!

Thank you to everyone who helped student belongings the last two weeks. We handed out several hundred bags over six days with many of the days being at least 95 degrees.

Return Survey

The survey below is going to parents of students in Grades Tk-4. Please share with them also. They only need to fill it out once. The survey is trying to understand who is planning on returning to campus. Without many details, we know this will be hard for them but we need to start planning. They are not bound to the answers if they change their minds later.

Updated Classroom Entry Schedule for June 5-June 12

HI. Please make sure you sign up before entering campus. There are a substantial number of spots remaining for the last week. If you have any questions about this schedule, please email me. Please email/call Sandi or Karen when you are ready to turn your keys in.

Please note that we are aiming to have keys turned in on June 12th. If you have an exentuating circumstance, please contact me directly.

6/5-6/12 Teacher Schedule, Tabbed on Bottom

Student Pick-Up/Drop Off of Belongings

The 11-1 Pick-Up schedule is now over. If you have a family who has stuff still here and they want to pick-up, they must email me or text me at 510-367-2550.

Library books can be dropped off each day from 9-2.

Students who are leaving FSUSD can drop off Chromebooks next week. They need to email or text me to set up a time. We shouldn't have too many.

5th Grade Farewell

Our 5th graders are being recognized in a unique way this year. We have some special gifts for them and we are hosting a REVERSE FAREWELL CAR Parade from 12-1:30 on June 12th. All staff members are welcome to cheer them on in front of the school!
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Report Card Reminder

A reminder that grades may not decrease for the 3rd Trimester. Please let me know when you are done. They become visible to parents in Illuminate on June 12th. Thank you for your work on these.

You are free to use this blurb:

"On March 13, 2020 our schools were closed due to COVID-19 and the remainder of the school year was completed with virtual, distance learning. As a result, all students were held harmless for grades and could only improve their scores through participation in the distance learning experience. There will also be an absence of some assessment data for the third trimester grading period."

End of Year Procedures

The link for End of Year Procedures is here: Cordelia Hills End of Year Procedures, Spring 2020.

An update to the above document: You are advised to create ample space for distancing for the fall. You are advised to remove personal belongings and furniture. If you have any questions, please email or contact me. I can help guide you.

End of Year Flipgrid Links

CORDELIA HILLS Talent show, Multicultural Fair, and STEAM Fair

Check out the links and share with your students!

Talent Show: The talent show is over. Winners were Ja Janmau, Sencio, and Aizen!

STEAM (Science Fair):

Multicultural Fair:

Garden Club:


Collaborative Passed! Hopefully, our school schedule looks somewhat normal so we can be together to collaborate. The one page bell schedule is being prepared but for your information:

Cordelia Bell Schedule by grade

Summer Library Reading Program

Check out this link on the Summer Library Reading Program:

Email Elaine with any questions.

Device Repair Information--Staff and Students

The schedule will change starting June 15th. Schedule is below:

Broken Device During Summer Months

During the summer TSS will continue the device drop off and pickup of staff and student devices with a modified schedule. The new schedule below will start on June 15, 2020.

Tuesday 9 AM - 11 AM Armijo High School

Wednesday 9 AM - 11 AM Rodriguez High School

Thursday 9AM - 11 AM Fairfield High School