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Term 4 2015

Hello all,

Hard to believe that we have made it to the end of yet another busy year! Lessons officially finish this Friday, and will restart again for Term 1 2016 on Saturday the 30th of January. I will be in touch before then to confirm lesson days and times, however I will not be checking emails from the 20th December - 10th January (just in case you were wondering why you don't get a response!).

Thanks to everyone for making our jobs not seem like a job - it is so exciting to see each student progress over the course of the year, and we are thankful to everyone for their hard work and dedication!

We hope that you all have a great summer break and that everyone keeps safe over the holidays. We are looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures in the New Year.

Happy playing (and yes, you can keep playing the piano over the school holidays...),

Camille and Susie


Congratulations to Blake Geard (Grade 1), Stella McGann (Grade 1), and Arama Dalton-Davis (Grade 2) - who all recently passed their Trinity College London piano exams.

Everyone put in a huge amount of practice time over the year, and managed to overcome the pre-exam jitters to get some great results, so well done!

Congratulations also to Tessa Frazer, who sat her Trinity Grade 4 Theory Exam; as well as Madi Ojala, Josie Hunt and Greta Healy, who all put in huge amounts of work to sit their NCEA music exams this year!

'Movie Music' Composition Competition

This term students have been working on their own ‘Movie Music’ compositions. The idea was to develop a theme or background soundtrack to go with their favourite movie (and I discovered that Harry Potter fever is still alive and well!).

Once again, I was blown away by the creativity and attention to detail displayed by everyone, however I did have to pick three winners:

Ages 5 – 7: Sophia Hargreaves with her composition ‘The Faraway Tree’

Ages 8 – 10: Eva Stein with her Harry Potter themed ‘Ron and Romilda’

Ages 11 and above: Caroline Kay with her own unique movie idea, ‘Take It Away’

Congratulations to everybody who entered! Being able to compose your own music is a great skill to develop, and can lead to all sorts of interesting careers, as well as being a creative outlet for your own ideas and experiences. So keep it up!

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