An Interview With Mrs. Zoch

A Trip Into A Biology Teacher's Life

Little about Mrs. Zoch

Jenny Zoch has been a teacher for many years . She teaches Biology, Chemistry, and Physic. She currently teaches biology and physics she is also a coach for volleyball and basketball.

Mrs. Zoch went to Sam Hundson State in Hudson. She has Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Kinesiology

She's one of those teachers who wants a friendly relationship and environment with her students. When class is going on it is very quite and calm. Yet when she releases them to do their work as a group they stay to a minimum volume where we can still get their attention.

A few of her strategies she uses during class is letting the kids work as a group. This helps them make sure everything is right and helps them get their work done a little faster. Another thing is doing quickly things to help then remember something important. For an example the biomolecules she say cho, cho, chon, chonp. Those are the elements in the four biomolecules.

To accomplish all her needs for school she says it takes her 50 hours just for teaching but with coaching added it's more like 70. She does say self-motivation is a huge key in being a teacher.

Grade leaves she teaches/coaches: 9-12

Hours per weeks:50-70


Biggest reward: Seeing her old students come back just to say hi and see how's it going

Classes taught: Biology,Chemistry, and Physic

Biggest challenge:Is keeping the class focus when moving to one activity to the next

Classroom Environment: Is quite yet crazy at the same time between the teacher being bubbly to her student working with her