Hades, Demeter, Persephone?

written by Julia Drusch

How Hades kidnapped Demeters daughter

The truth comes out on Persephone's kidnapping or godnapping as I should say by Hades. As we all know, Hades kidnapped Persephone but for one reason, only for how beautiful she was. Demeter, Persephone's mother spent multiple days and nights searching for her daughter. Since Demeter couldn't find Persephone she went to Helios to ask why he never told her about her daughter. After this she became angry and made the earth suffer with her. Zeus knew this wasn't good for the people to starve from dying plants so he went to Hermes to ask Hades for Persephone's release. Hermes did so and when he went to the underworld Persephone became happy and lively that she might get to see her mother again as she talked for the first time that year.

Hades did not resist and told Persephone she could go with Hermes back to earth. Hades knew that Persephone didn't eat or drink so he gave her multiple seeds from a pomegranate which was fruit eaten by the dead. He also knew that if she ate a seed she would have to stay with Hades forever.

Persephone ate 4 seeds and returned to her mother. They were both so happy that they got to see each other. But the question was asked if Persephone ate anything and she said she was far to sad to eat or drink but then realized she ate those seeds. They both wailed that they had to part again because she ate those seeds and had to return to Hades.

Zeus then compromised and stated that Persephone must stay with Hades for four months and the other months Demeter and Persephone will be together.

So every year when Persephone is on earth she brings spring, but when she is with Hades in the underworld the months will be cold and barren.


Photographer:Julia Drusch

On photos:Hades, Helios, Zeus, Demeter, Persephone, Hermes