Layers Of Atmosphere

By:Lindsay Dean

Layers Of Atmosphere


The troposphere is the closest layer to the earth. The troposphere is the layer that all the weather comes from. The troposphere also has the most air out of all of them. There are the most clouds in the troposphere also.


The ozonosphere is the 2nd closest layer to the Earth. The ozonosphere is the layer that blocks ultra violet rays and turns it into heat. It blocks the harmful ultra violet rays from harming us.


The stratosphere is the 3rd closest layer to the Earth. This layer contains most of the atmosphere's ozone. This is the height that airplanes fly at but they fly at the lower parts of the atmosphere.


The mesosphere is the 4th closest layer to the Earth. The mesosphere is one of the coldest layers. The air in the mesosphere is very thin. Meters burn in the mesosphere so it protects the Earth from being hit by meters.


It includes parts of the thermosphere, exosphere and the Magnetosphere. The ionosphere is the lowest layer of the thermosphere. The radio waves bonce back to earth from this layer.


The 2nd most outer layer. The temperature can get up to 2000*C. Thermo means heat and its know as one of the hottest layers. One of the thickest layers. The air molecules are about 1 kilometer apart.


The Exosphere is the upper part of the thermosphere. Artificial Satellites orbit around the exosphere. The exosphere is the outermost layer.


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