All Signed Up and Ready to Roll!

Setting up Your Business for Success

Get your Online Presence in Order...for Orders!!

First and foremost...WELCOME!!!!

I am so excited for you and ready to help you ROCK your business to great success! Now that you ordered your kit, let's get going on the other things you need to be doing to pave a strong pathway for the future!

As part of your LimeLight business, you get a replicated website, which is what people will go to when they want to place orders with you. That website is First things first, you need to go into there and login as a beauty guide. At the bottom of the page, it will give you the option to do so. Once you are logged in, you are now in what we refer to as your GREENROOM. If you look at the screen, you will see your name in the top right hand corner. To edit these things I will mention, click on your name and select 'edit settings'. You will want to:

  • Upload a STRIKING picture of yourself (your avatar)!
  • Write a brief 'bio' that folks will see when they click on your name. This is your once chance to connect with 'strangers' and wow them with your personality. Let your true self shine through and don't miss this opportunity to share your contact details so they can follow up with you if they have questions. Include email and phone if you are comfortable with that.
  • Set up your credit card details. This is important for the monthly web fee that will be charged, after for first 30 days. Your first 30 days are free, but after that, a $9.95 fee is assessed to keep your website active and you don't want that to lapse as it will cut off your access to the site.
  • Update your notifications. Make sure you select that you want to receive notifications, otherwise you will miss out on all the juicy LimeLight emails!
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Email and Other Bits...

EMAIL - Ok, so if you haven't done so already, you may want to consider establishing an email address that you use solely for your business. Not mandatory, but you may find it handy to keep your LimeLight business separate from your personal business and other work etc.

EMAIL FOLDERS - Once you sort what email address you want to use for your business, I suggest creating folders to help you keep your LimeLight business organized. As soon as you sign up, you will start receiving emails from Corporate to help get your started on your business. I tucked all those nuggets away into a "Getting Started Email" folder. Other folders I created:

  • Business Receipts
  • Product Information
  • Vistaprint
  • Conference Calls
  • Party Set Up
  • Product Confirmations

Of course, you may want more/less, depending on your personal organization style!

DOMAIN NAME - You may also want to consider purchasing a domain name. Again, not mandatory, but for a nominal fee, you can purchase a domain name and use that to share with people as opposed to your replicated site address. Personally, I created http://www.braybeauty.comand then I linked that to my replicated site - specifically to the party I currently have open. This is an easy way for me to have folks place orders on the current monthly party. Just a thought... I used Go Daddy to purchase my domain. Other services are also available.

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Let's Talk Marketing Materials!

Tuck that little web address into your memory bank for future reference! That is the go-to resource for marketing materials (excluding catalogs). You will want to go there to order your business cards...STAT! Other items of interest:

  • Makeup and Skincare Trifold Brochures
  • Skincare Routine Cards
  • Promotional Postcards
  • Banners/Signs
  • Notepads and Stationary

Most important thing to remember about Vistaprint...NEVER pay full price! There is almost always a coupon code to be used! I try not to order unless I have a voucher to get me 40% off or more! Folks will post codes in the Fempire. Once you have an established account with them, they will email you codes. You can also go online and Google to find codes.

Office Organizational Things...

I am a tad TYPE I do like to have me a system! A few files I would recommend establishing for your home office:

  • Business Receipts - I have a little accordion file that has sections for various things like display, postage, product, merchandising, travel. I just tuck receipts in there as I get them.
  • Backorders - Hate to say it, but we get backorders. I like to keep a paper file of the backorder notifications I receive. Since I do bulk orders for my local customers, it helps me not lose track of items I am waiting on. I also keep a log in a small notebook that I carry with me. That way, if I get a call when I am out, I can follow up with Customer Care when I am on the road!
  • Binder - I have a LimeLight binder with all the go-to stuff I need to be able to have with me when I am mobile. It includes (in page protectors): Product Display Sheets, Product Information Guide (separated with tabs body, complexion, eyes etc.), opportunity info (commission one pager), order forms and zipper envelopes carrying some handy marketing brochures. Always gotta be ready!!
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Let's Talk Postage!

There are options here...I use while I know other Beauty Guides use Totally your choice. Point is to set up a system to make it easy and affordable to get samples and information out without bothering to go to the post office! I bought myself a postage scale off Amazon for about $17 and it was worth every penny. I have a supply of padded envelopes, and Priority Mail padded envelopes (these are free, just have to order them from the website), and a variety of stamps that I ordered directly from the site as well. My most frequently used stamps...the Two Ounce stamp. That holds a decent number of samples (not our whole offering) and a couple brochures with a note, in a 6x9 padded envelope. I just gather what I want to send and pop it on the scale. Make sure I put enough postage on it and out the door it goes! I use the Priority Mail envelopes when I am sending a larger package, say a catalog with samples. Happy to walk through this in more detail as needed.

The key is to establish a system for easy mailing!

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Establishing Your Social Media Presence

If you have not done so already, create your Facebook business page. There are lots of ways to crack the Facebook piece of the puzzle, and I am a believer in tapping into all your available resources. Do a business page and then do groups as needed.

Get on Instagram - I manage two accounts - a personal and a professional. I keep my professional one open so the world can see my stuff, and hashtag the heck out of my posts. My personal one is just that...closed and personal.

Pinterest - I was already a user so I created a LimeLight board. Why not! Every ounce of exposure helps!

There is more that can be discussed here...and we will do that. But for now, just make sure your name is out there!

Let's Spread the Light!!

Why wait? Get the word out! Have you crafted your 'WHY' story? The story that explains why you decided to embark on this journey? If not, do it! And then fold that gem into an email to send to all your friends and family! Let them know what you are up to and how they can support you! Make sure to ask them to 'like' your business page and tell their friends about it. They can help you a ton by just 'liking' and commenting on your posts. Encourage that. But make sure everyone knows you are embarking on this great adventure! Also offer to send them samples to try, if they are interested. If they are local to you, invite them to an open house to start off your business! The key is getting the word out to your closest circle.

Now....BREATHE....and Call Me with Questions!

Founding Independent Beauty Guide

Call, email, message or text! Happy to help you however I can!
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