Earth day

shahar zionit, lian avraham

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Earth day in Israel

The activities in Israel is to turn off lights in offices in public buildings and businesses, Road signs and street lighting directed will remain on throughout the city. Turning off the lights and turning off electrical appliances are measures that can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.( All the activities operations for one hour.)
They take place in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem, Eilat, Ashdod, Bat-Yam, givatayim, dimona, Herzliya Holon Haifa Yeruham, Yokneam, Modiin Maccabim-Re'ut, Yavne, nes-tziona, nataniya, petah- tikva, arad, rehovot, raunana, and those cities were involved in an organization named "Life and environment" - The Cities helped the planet environmental resources to conserve energy and to raise awareness.

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Earth day in Toronto-Kaneda

The party will be held in the zoo of Toronto

Hosted by "party for the planet" from: 10am-16pm.

There is no better place to celebrate the earth day than the Zoo.

Moved there lessons and workshops on ways that we can be ambassadors of eco-friendly life. The Zoo is huge covering 15 km.

You can see more than 5000 animals from 500 different species.

The workshops at the event will be moved by a pair of mentors that responsible for conservation and recycling at the Zoo to learn how animal life in a protected environment,

How grow damaged polar bears natural injuries to participate into nature and see how frogs live.

During the day will sell at a discount entrance special activities and collection barrels too desalination rainwater reuse purposes such as watering gardens Which are involved in making a return for the conservation of nature reserves in the area and for the purposes of extra studying biology at different schools that pauper by the zoo.

"trashion fashion" Recycled fashion--san Francisco, California

two fashion shows are going to happened

1. fashion brand for children's clothes for autumn and spring from healthy materials and environmentally friendly.

2. exhibit clothes from recycled materials prepared by children that learn in the area as a costume.

The fashions will be at " stage mother earth" since 14:30pm as a part of meny performance and a huge pestival for earth day.

In the pestival, you can also found a lot of performance like dj and bands from all over the world and for final a dance show of a traditional indian band.

EARTH - One video you NEED to see

a fact from the video!

In 1969 there was a horrible oil spill that happened in Santa Barbara California. That event gives to Gaylord Nelson (an US senator from Wisconsin an awesome idea- having national teaching day to educate everyone on the environment.

we wish it was here !

we think that the activitiy in san francisco-californa would be a good activity becausa its a fun way to show us how we can recycled and make a beutiful things with our garbage or a few things that we don't need
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