Of Mice and Men

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was the result of a stock market crash and lasted until the end of World War Two. It was immediately after the economic boom of the roaring 20s depicted in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, and brought in a new age of realist writing.

John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck is the most famous writer to come out of the Great Depression. He was born in California in 1902 and traveled to Stanford to study writing, but never got a degree. He then returned to California and received loans from his parents to help him focus on his writing career. His most famous works include Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath.

Of Mice and Men

The book tells the story of two migrant workers during the Great Depression who loose their farm and documents their journey through out California to find job opportunities. The overarching theme if the story is the power of friendship.