14u power team

a tryout for a national volleyball team!

a tryout will be happening for a national volleyball team?

you will get a t-shirt for just showing up to the tryout, you need to bring a lunch for the tryout because we will have a break in between the tryout.

14u power tryout

Friday, March 21st, 12:30-5:30pm

801 El Margarita Rd

Yuba City, CA

This is a volleyball tryout for a 14u power volleyball team that is going to travel all over the country. There will be a gold medalist helping with the tryout. The tryout comes with a t-shirt with the team logo.

volleyball agenda

- 12:30 to 5:30

- bring a lunch

- it will be at River Valley in the big gym

hope you can make it!

You will have a chance to go all over the country and to compete in big tournaments, and meet a gold medalist.