Career Project


Job Description

Pediatricians specialize in treating infants and children in order for them to be healthy. They usually only treat minor injuries, give immunizations, and treat various common illnesses. Most pediatricians work in small clinics and work around 50 hours a week. The average pediatrician makes around $150,000 a year.


There are usually nurses working with pediatricians.

Sometimes pediatricians work irregular hours in order to treat patients.

They usually have a phone for patients to contact them at any time.

Private clinics are usually where they work, although some work in hospitals.


High school- It is important to take the basic science courses offered like biology, chemistry, etc. Volunteering for charities and extra curricular activities is important too.

College- It is recommended to take pre-med courses in order to be prepared for medical school. Also, you don't necessarily have to major in pre-med, you just have to accomplish the courses. This usually takes about four years. During this time, you will also take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). Medical schools also like to see you volunteer in hospitals or other related charities.

Medical School- Usually, you accomplish medical school in four years. In the first two years, you mostly only need to attend basic medical science classes. In the other two years, you start to treat real patients in order to get experience.

Residency- After medical school, you go into more training for about another three years. During this time, a person usually works between 80 and a 100 hours, you also only get paid minimum wage ($30-45,000).

Extra Information

It takes around 8 years of college and 2-8 years of internship to become a pediatrician.

It is required to have a professional degree.

There are about 21 different occupation titles for pediatricians.

There are many regulations that a pediatrician that must be meet.


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